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Friday, October 31, 2003

More Technical Difficulties (plus useless info on my personal life) 

If I don't post again until Sunday, it probably means my mouse is broken. I'm having a bit of trouble with it, and if I can't use my mouse, I obviously can't update the site. Basically, the cord connecting it to the computer is screwed up, and if it moves in the wrong direction, it can no longer be detected. I had to Scotch tape it into place to keep it from getting dislodged. I'm planning to go out and buy a new mouse on Sunday afternoon, but until then, I have to use tape. It's working again now, but I don't know how long it'll last. Other than that, there's not much to say. My roommate started a trend, and now two or three other guys are picking up on the "Braveheart" theme. They even made cardboard swords and axes. The costumes are pretty disturbing, actually. One of them described it as "three guys with their shirts off wearing skirts." I'm glad I decided not to go out tonight. I am planning on going out tomorrow night, however. My roommate knows about a party somewhere, so I'll probably be going to that. It will be the third party I've gone to since the beginning of college (have I mentioned I'm antisocial?), and the first one that isn't being hosted by a member of the drumline...You know, people in dorms need to stop being so frickin' loud in the frickin' hallways. I thought I should mention that. I think I'm out of material, so I'll stop. My room is being invaded by insects thanks to the warm weather, so I have to get back to killing them mercilessly. Later.

A Little Humor For You 

I was just browsing speechcodes.org, and I happened to come across this. I'll let it speak for itself:

Acts of intolerance will not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University.

Yet another good reason to avoid Pennsylvania.

Happy Homophobic Halloween! 

I was just going to write about a Halloween-type experience I had, but then I came across this article on RWN. Apparently, the courts can now decide how children should be raised. Where's the ACLU on this one? Where are the cries of separation of church and state? Since when can people be forced to parent their children in a certain way? By the way, you should actually read the article if you don't know what I'm talking about. I'm too angry to describe the situation. Anyway, this is just idiotic and hypocritical. I don't even feel like ranting about it. I just want to quickly mention that Halloween experience I was referring to. I was walking from the dining hall back to my dorm (the 2 are only about 30 yards apart), and I happened to see a few hundred crows circling around the trees on the other side of the parking lot and landing in them. I had never seen that many crows at one time. I believe that's called a "murder" in technical terms. It seemed appropriate for today. I'm actually not doing anything really special for Halloween. At home, I videotaped trick-or-treaters, but I can't do that here. I did spend the afternoon reading ghost stories and some stuff by Edgar Allen Poe, but that's about all I have planned. I don't really feel like leaving the dorm with all the potential for strange behavior tonight anyway. My roommate already scared me enough. He's dressing up as William Wallace (the Braveheart guy), but he only has the "kilt" on right now and is still wearing a regular shirt, so it just looks like he's slowly changing into a transvestite or something. He said that he got face paint, so I'm assuming he'll complete the whole "Scottish warrior" look later. I spent way too much time describing that. Anyway, enjoy whatever it is you're doing tonight. Later.

SU is Liberal, But it's Not Insane 

I'm back at the computer once again, and I don't have a rant or anything, but I want to talk about a few things that happened in the 2 classes I had today (college+Friday=easy). They were both discussion sections, so a lot of the time was spent on discussion, obviously. The first one was for sociology, which I've mentioned a couple times before. We were talking about terrorism and the different solutions to it, and once again, I was amazed at how intelligently it was handled.

We discussed 3 solutions to terrorism: War, homeland security, and appeasement/peace talks. All of the groups basically came to the conclusion that war is necessary to deal with threats, and national security needs to improve to prevent another 9-11. Interestingly, most groups also realized that appeasement isn't a very effective strategy, which the TA didn't totally agree with. I said that "we're not dealing with rational people," referring to Hussein, Bin Laden, and others, and that seemed to make sense, so I guess I pointed out one of the flaws of that strategy.

One girl spent a lot of time just arguing with everything the TA said. At one point, she asked him if he was anti-Bush, and he hesitated for a second, then said yes. At least he's willing to admit it. He actually said he agrees with some of Bush's policies, but is against the war because he "doesn't like killing."

That doesn't make a lot of sense, but at least he seemed to have the minority opinion in the class. He also disagreed with increased security measures and said that war makes people so paranoid that we might eventually make laws against marrying foreigners and using certain words on the phone.

I argued that we have enough dissent to avoid things like that, and we're not going to be like Afghanistan was. His response: "We're not like that...yet." That bothered me. A student cited McCarthyism as an example of what could happen, but I really don't think it's going to reach that level. At the end of class, the TA did something really stupid, so I'm going to write about that. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a guy in my writing class that confused Palestine with Pakistan. I thought that was insane, but today THE TA DID IT!

We talked briefly about religious motivations for terrorism, and he said "Israel and Pakistan" about 6 times in the course of a minute...and nobody corrected him (including me, I guess). I think most of us actually knew what he did but wanted to see if he would figure it out. Overall, we managed to have a "fair and balanced" discussion, which once again tells me that crazy stuff such as those items from the Daily Orange has not taken over SU...yet.

By the way, I'm breaking my posts into separate chunks like this from now on so they seem less intimidating. I realize my writing style is extremely wordy and takes up too much space, so this is the least I could do. Anyway, the second discussion section was for philosophy, another class I've talked about on SIT several times.

We've now moved past abortion and are talking about Kant again (very confusing material; avoid it if at all possible), but we also have papers due in about a week, so the TA spent some time talking about those and went against another college stereotype. He said that many students will try and write a paper that the TA or professor will agree with in order to receive a higher grade.

From what I've seen, this is true, and many professors do grade based on whether the student argues for the "right" position. However, this guy said that he hates when students argue for something they don't agree with just because the person grading it has the same view, and he said that he would actually deduct more points if he saw that. According to him, he can't stand to see weak arguments for something he believes in, so he'd prefer to read the other side and consider all arguments. This guy described himself as a liberal Republican, so I don't know how much that factors into it, but it's good to know that some people grade on quality of argument and not the argument itself.

I apologize if I bored you with that post, but I needed to write about it. Other than that, not much is happening right now. It is Halloween, so some people are wearing costumes on campus, which seems really weird (one guy had a light bulb attached to his head), but there haven't been that many. I think the fact that it's 70 degrees outside on October 31 in Syracuse is stranger than the costume thing. It was snowing less than 2 weeks ago, and now it's warm. I don't know what to think.

I Got Lazy... 

I said I was going to post a lot today, but, as the title says, I kinda got bored and gave up. I was going to write some stuff about Michael Moore, but I think everything that can be said about him has been said. Since I have to get up at 9:30 tomorrow, I probably shouldn't be blogging right now, but I do want to post the other thing I was originally going to use for today. I mentioned before that my writing professor showed the "Uncle F***er" part of the South Park movie in class. He used this to enhance our discussion of how subtle messages affect children and other viewers (remember the Disney rant?). Anyway, it was just hilarious to actually sit in a class and watch cartoon characters singing about f***ing their uncles. College is strange. Also, a bunch of people repeated the words for the purposes of discussion. I think I should stop now. It's way too late for this. Before I go, I should point out that I do censor my own writing occasionally, as you can see above and in several other posts. In case you were wondering, I don't necessarily worry about "offending" people. I just have issues with profanity. It's a long story, and you can figure it out for yourself, because I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Message for Michael Moore 

I'm taking a break from posting (there's still a lot more coming later), but I just thought of an answer to Michael Moore. In his book, he asks, "Dude, Where's My Country?" It's to the north, and it's called Canada. Go there now so your "brilliant" socialist ramblings will be appreciated.

More Daily Orange Stupidity 

Hey, did you ever put something away in a place where it wouldn't get lost and then forget where you put it? I just spent 5 minutes searching all over my room for yesterday's Daily Orange, and then I remembered that it was in a drawer right under the computer. Now that I have it, I can write about a hilariously asinine column from yesterday, and I'll also talk about an incredibly stupid letter to the editor that I saw today.

First of all, as I said yesterday, they decided to put a hex on Donald Rumsfeld. There's a box in the upper left hand corner of the page, and it says "Hex: Donald Rumsfeld." There's a partial picture of a pentagram next to the words, and under them, there's a cartoon of Rumsfeld sporting devil horns and surrounded by fire, and he's pointing angrily at the reader. Under the picture is a brief explanation of why he has been given this "honor."

According to the author: "We curse him because of his dubious, ambivalent public predictions about the duration of the war in Iraq. Though it's no surprise that he sucks, his latest insider memo admits that the U.S. military has a 'long, hard slog' ahead of it, rather than the quick liberation the administration intended."

There's more, but I have a paranoid fear of copyright laws, so I'll leave it at that. This is frickin' idiotic. The fact that they're insulting Rummy with classic idiotarian nonsense is bad enough, but how can a school that prides itself on creating an environment where everyone feels safe allow the publishing of something that uses what could be considered satanic symbols and rituals to do so?

Now, I'm not one of those crazy "Satan is lurking around every corner" Christians, but I really think they've gone too far with this one. Keep in mind, the DO also published a letter calling the Bible a "useless moral guide," and I believe they once featured a cartoon implying that Jesus was a pervert. Sick. Just plain sick. I could go on about the various dumb things this person said about the war, but you can figure that out by reading this excerpt.

Now, on to today's edition, in which a letter to the editor informs us that Syracuse has a gender bias and is intolerant of transvestites! Oh no! Not the transvestites! Here's the situation: In a letter entitled "SU campus coursing with gender bias," the author explains what happened to him over the weekend. According to him:
I attended a Halloween bash Saturday night and opted to dress up in a skirt, stockings, a corset and woman's jacket.
Okay, I understand dressing as a woman for a party. It's just for fun. However, he was just looking for trouble with what he did next:
...I went with my partymates to Darwin's later in the evening(I think Darwin's is a bar or a club or something...I don't get out much. -ed.). Only a few minutes in the door, I had a very confrontational young man in my face, calling me a "f***ing faggot."
I agree that you shouldn't use that kind of language, as it's just plain ignorant, but why would you be surprised about it? It's a frickin' bar, moron. He continues:
I expected the finger pointing, but two people tried to pull down my skirt, one attempted to remove my wig, and several more questioned my sanity, implying that cross-dressing was not a wise idea.
No, really? Cross-dressing? I thought it was as American as flag burning! How dare they point out your gender confusion! Those bigots! Here's the kicker:
I thought this was Syracuse, not Syria. I must say I am rather embarrassed to know that people with such conservative views on gender identity are welcome here.
Bingo! There's that double standard everyone was waiting for! So, it's okay if you think cross-dressing is totally normal, but if you think it's strange, you're comparable to Syria (whatever that implies)?

How do these idiots find the door in the morning? It seems to me that if you think conservatives shouldn't be welcome on campus, you're intolerant. That's the real definition. This is yet another example of how tolerance and equality only apply if you agree with someone, which isn't tolerance at all, but approval (interestingly, the chancellor said that one of the goals of the school's diversity program should be for people to move "beyond tolerance to appreciation," which shows that they aren't even satisfied with true tolerance).

It also strikes me as very odd that you can be stigmatized for holding the view that men shouldn't dress as women (unless it's for comedic purposes; I am a Monty Python fan, you know), and that conservative views in general are considered extreme and outdated. I really don't know what to think about all this. Syracuse really walks the fine line between liberal and idiotarian sometimes. I think they've crossed it here. And now, I will publish this post and start working on yet another one.

Back to Blogging 

I was going to wait until after band practice to blog again, but my philosophy professor cancelled class, so I've got the rest of the afternoon off. I don't know where to start, frankly. There's so much to write about. I should probably just break it up into separate posts for easier reading. As long as I've started this one though, I might as well cover a topic. I'll start with sociology. I'll probably have more about this tomorrow, but we're talking about terrorism in this class (which is officially called "SOC 102: Social Problems," in case you were wondering), and the professor is, of course, the guy who thinks reverse racism isn't real and assigned an article about how capitalism is racist (although he may have disagreed with it). I'm actually surprised at how objective the teaching is right now, so I really can't say too much about it, but one of the perspectives presented in a booklet we have is that we have to accept terrorism as a result of our capitalist society or something. The thing I actually want to talk about has nothing to do with bias, however. It's much simpler. The professor was using an overhead projector to display notes, and when we got to the part about solutions to terrorism, one of them was U.S. Delta Force. This is defined as "anti-terrorism squads." However, on his projection, it said "anti-terrorism squids." That's right. It costs $35,000 a year to learn about anti-terrorism squids. Them a-rabs don't like sea creatures! Okay, I'm going to move on to another post now. What's interesting is that if you're reading this later in the day, it's probably the last one you saw.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003



Coming Attractions 

I originally said that I wasn't going to blog today, but I have about 20 minutes of free time (then I have to do work for about 6 HOURS), so I thought I would post a very brief preview of what's coming up tomorrow. Basically, as luck would have it, the one day I have no time to blog is the day that I have a ton of stuff to blog about. Here's a preview: My writing professor showed a clip from the South Park movie (this was the first time I've heard an educator actually say "uncle f***er"), and then we spent the rest of the class talking about "Bowling for Columbine." Sounds good already, doesn't it? Also, the Daily Orange decided to put a hex on Donald Rumsfeld (I'm not joking, people). I'll probably be fisking the little column they wrote on that. In addition, we're talking about terrorism in my socialism sociology class. And, of course, the Democratic presidential candidates keep getting more hilarious. So, that's all coming up tomorrow, along with anything else I can think of. Unfortunately, I have to go to band practice in 20 minutes, and then I have to study for 2 Spanish quizzes and a communications test, so I won't be blogging again today. Be sure to check in tomorrow, because there's going to be a lot of stuff here. Later.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


I know I said I wasn't going to post anything else until Thursday, but I had to be online to read some stuff about "Bowling for Columbine," and I eventually made my normal rounds of the blogosphere. I got to Right Wing News and found this article in the daily news section. Now, once again, I don't expect everyone to agree with my stance on homosexuality, but I challenge anyone who doesn't believe there's a "gay agenda" to read this and "Queering the Schools" and not reconsider their position. This one is from Australia, but it's still out there. You'll understand the post title if you read the article (hint: It has nothing to do with Eminem). Okay, now I really am going to stop for the next 36 hours or so. Later.

Yes, College is Still Hard 

Sorry about the complete lack of posting today, but I really need to get some work done. I'm taking a quick break from blogging so I can get caught up, so don't expect anything new to be posted until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. Feel free to browse the archives or check out some links until then. I realize I have a certain obligation to provide content, but I have to prioritize right now. Remember, I will definitely be back by the end of the day on Thursday, but until then, I probably won't be updating the content. I will try to make up for it over the weekend, so be sure to check back. Until Thursday, continue to blog safely. Goodnight.

Monday, October 27, 2003

It Goes Both Ways 

Well, slap a tinfoil hat on me and call me a commie! I actually agree with something on DU! What could we possibly agree on, you ask? We both think that these people are idiots. Seriously. Why the crap would you sink to their level just to make them mad? You're just throwing more logs on the fire here, people. Let the frickin' socialists have their little play date and just leave them alone. Do you think this is actually helping gain support for our causes? Just about every one of the signs in these pictures can potentially make it harder for me to believe in something without ridicule. You're just enforcing negative stereotypes. Here's a fun one: "GOD HATES YOU SODOMITES ABORTIONISTS DRUNKARDS JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!" Wow, this is a proud day to be a Christian, jackass. God doesn't hate anybody. He hates their actions. In any case, why would you throw alcoholics, gays, and abortionists into the mix? They're just going to write you off as a "fundie" anyway, so why waste your time? Fighting ignorance with more ignorance is the real definition of intolerance. If you want people to change, don't insult them (before you call me a hypocrite, keep in mind that these people won't be reading this, so I don't care if they change). I'm sick of people distorting Christianity like this. I also like all the signs about trusting Jesus, believing in Jesus, etc. This is how atheists are created, children. They see this and think that all "rational" Christians support it. Here's a news flash for you: Jesus probably wouldn't approve of this, because he knows that it won't work. I hate the idea that this is what people imagine when they think of Christians. "Oh, look at those bigoted fundamentalists! They're trying to fight a jihad against Palestine! Deluded fools..." What were you people thinking? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!!!!! Let me clear something up: I'm a Christian. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian (although that may change if this keeps up). I believe that some of the groups mentioned here are sinners and are going to be punished accordingly when the time comes, but I DON'T GO OUT IN THE STREET AND SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACES! All they're doing is making it harder for Christians to be taken seriously. You cannot force this stuff on people. Jesus didn't even force himself on anybody. That's why he had disciples and not prisoners. You don't encourage someone to repent if you say, "Jesus loves you...AND YOU'RE GOING TO HELL IF YOU DON'T RETURN THE FAVOR!!!!!!" Of course, like I said, what any of this has to do with the war is beyond me. I think it's ignorant when anti-war protestors go to pro-war rallies, and it's equally ignorant when pro-war protestors go to "peace" rallies (don't expect me to take that term seriously). Leave the moonbats alone. Half of them probably don't even know where the Middle East is. Look at the reactions on the DU message board and explain to me how any of this was effective in supporting the war. They probably think John Ashcroft paid those people to disrupt the march. Okay, I'm completely out of stuff to say about this. I really do have to work now, but I couldn't let that go. I hope that most non-Christians are smart enough not to base their idea of the religion on those groups in the pictures. Rest assured, all of us RATIONAL Christians wouldn't be caught dead doing things like that. We may share their beliefs, but we're intelligent enough to know that you don't express them with hatred. Jesus didn't do it that way, and neither should we. So, that's today's religious rant. I'll probably be writing a lot more of those eventually. I take my beliefs seriously, and I want to make sure that nobody thinks of the people at that protest when they hear the word "Christian."

SIT Has Joined the Alliance! 

I just checked my email, and I'm going to be added to the membership of the Alliance of Free Blogs. I'll be putting up a link to their main page tomorrow (it's required of all members), and I'll eventually come up with a fake quote to attribute to Glenn Reynolds. This, along with submitting a post to the new blog showcase, should help me get more attention. Sorry about being so self-centered here, but it is my blog, and I felt I needed to report on this exciting development. Here's another fun fact: In the last 25 hours, I've gotten 28 page views. That's a new record! I have to go to sleep now (Spanish class at 8:30 in the morning. Gotta love freshman schedules), so that's it for today. I may be posting lightly tomorrow, because I have to read 230 pages of Life: The Movie for my communications class. Hopefully I'll get something written by the end of the day though. Oh, and one more thing: I didn't fall during the band performance, but I think someone in another section did. That West Side Story drill is frickin' hazardous. Goodnight.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

So...What Exactly Are You Going to Do? 

Read this article from the New York Times, and try to figure out if the Democratic presidential candidates have any plans besides attacking Bush. I can't tell them apart.

Democrats Campaign in Detroit...

I Feel Special 

300 hits. I've got 300 hits. In less than one month, I've gotten 300 hits. That's awesome. I don't know what else to say. That's just awesome. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. I'm in the process of joining the Alliance of Free Blogs. I just emailed them, so I should get a response within a couple days. Stop the puppy blender!

And this, Children, is Cognitive Dissonance (includes a fisking) 

I had to post this. It's hilarious. I was on Democratic Underground yet again (the mainstream media isn't providing me with any interesting material, so I had to go digging through the compost heap), and I noticed a very interesting development on the message board. It's early, so I can't tell where it's headed, but apparently some people are convinced that Dubya called Iraq an imminent threat, despite the fact that, after hours of searching, they can't find one quote to back up this claim. One guy is even "1000% sure" of it! I can't believe I didn't start reading that site earlier. Somebody needs to find where these people are living, dig them out of their underground bunkers, and confiscate their tinfoil hats (read the endorsement of Dennis Kucinich if you don't believe this one) before they cause any serious damage. You can check this out for yourself here.

I couldn't let this one go. There's another discussion on DU (there are so many things this could stand for, but I'm not going to sink to that level) about how Bush is worse than Hussein. I'm actually going to post pieces of it here to show you how crazy these people can be.


Here is a man who put to death hundreds of his own people (Texans).
Yes, he put them to death because they deserved it. I don't see what's wrong with that. Hussein (I refuse to call him by his first name anymore because it sounds like I'm his friend) killed thousands...THOUSANDS of innocent people along with his psychotic sons and brainwashed minions. How those two situations are morally analogous is beyond me, o great and powerful master of liberal rationalization.

He used a needle instead of gas, but that distinction means little to the families of his victims.
Speaking of distinctions, would you care to explain how innocent men, women, and children can be lumped into the same category as convicted murderers who were a threat to everyone around them?

When he's done with Iraq, Bush will have invaded two countries.
Thank you, Captain Obvious. Is this supposed to convince us of anything? You seem to have forgotten about your hero Bubba Clinton attacking the exact same country. Oh, and there's this place called Kosovo you may remember. How about Bosnia? Hello? Anybody there?

He governs like he hates Americans, stealing $40,000 from every American family.
This is great. So, if you collect taxes, you hate Americans. That must mean he's at least trying, considering he's lowered taxes and provided refunds on more than one occasion. Meanwhile, Democrats are actually planning to raise taxes, but they're on a mission to "take back America." By the way, how is it "stealing?" Nobody ever came to my house, put a gun to my head, and said "GIMME YOUR MONEY!" Of course, I'm too young to pay taxes, but I don't think that happened to my parents, either. It hurts my brain trying to figure out this logic, but I'm sure you've never had that problem.

He and his father have both linked up with Al Qaeda, even arming them.
Al Qaeda? I thought they were your friends! You should be happy that we were helping those poor oppressed Muslims fend off colonization! Seriously, I'm not sure if we armed Al Qaeda itself, but I am sure that we pretty much wiped them out when they came after us. Shows what happens when you abuse a privilege.

He is the biggest threat to America in our lifetime.
He's the biggest threat to every country on Earth.

Why? Because he takes a stand on terrorism instead of letting terrorists go? Because he had the balls to take out one of the most evil human beings monsters that has ever lived? Because he is actually proud of his country? Because he spent over a year trying to gain international support for military action, and only after 12 years of failed sanctions? Because he believes that murderers deserve to be punished with death? Personally, I think that we're going to get attacked the second one of these spineless Democrats takes office, because they see terrorists as victims who don't know that killing is wrong, and therefore believe that we shouldn't retaliate. They think the best way to make America safe is to take guns away from law abiding citizens, collect all the money from the tax refunds because it still belongs to the government, and appease terrorist nations so we don't offend Muslims. George W. Bush may not be a genius (although he's certainly not the mental midget he's portrayed as; and yes, I heard a talk show host in Pittsburgh actually call him a mental midget), and life may not still be all sunshine, lollipops, puppy dogs, and ice cream for every American citizen, but I'd rather live an imperfect life than not be alive (although abortion advocates would disagree on that point). Dubya makes me nervous with his verbal slips sometimes, and his policies certainly aren't perfect, but I feel good knowing that my president is willing to stand up and take action when evil is present, because, as much as relativism has diluted that view, there is evil in the world, and it's up to the most powerful nation in history to destroy as much of it as we can. Now, kindly go back to your hippy-hole, read Noam Chomsky, and draw Hitler mustaches on pictures of Dubya if you must, but keep your uninformed mouth shut until you can come up with a better way to deal with threats to our country. Friggin' hippies...

To read these comments and several others, go here.

You're Spelling is Bad! 

I don't have anything really important to post right now, and my semi-rant about freedom of speech seems to be holding people, but I need to write about something that I notice way too often as I surf the web. What is the deal with people insulting each other's spelling and/or grammar and then using improper spelling and grammar in the next sentence? That post title is a good example. Here's another one: I was reading the comments on Famousidiot.com, and one guy, referring to Sam Donaldson, I believe, says, "[he] didn't even know how to spell Fair and Balance." Well, apparently you don't either, moron! I hate seeing people who are on my side of an argument do things like that. I don't really want to go off on another tangent here, but spelling and grammar mistakes bother me more than about 98% of everything else that I see on a daily basis, and since I spend a good deal of time online, I see a lot of mistakes. I understand how you can make small grammatical errors (I probably make a few of them myself) or misspell a word occasionally, but some of the stuff I see is pathetic. Bad language skills destroy your credibility. A lot of people have written about this, so I won't go into a lot of detail, but the Internet has really destroyed our ability to use the English language. You learn to write from reading, and you learn to talk from listening. If crap like this is the only thing people read, they will start writing the same way. Pretty soon, they'll start talking like it because it's all they know. And don't even get me started on all the profanity that takes the place of intelligent conversation on the web. "I F***ING HATE YOU F***ING F***ERS! F**K OFF AND F***ING DIE S***HEAD!" Wow, what a great comeback. I guess you win. Once again, I've taken a topic, run it into the ground, and singlehandedly drilled a hole to the center of the planet. I think I'll stop. On a final note, I'm going to follow up on what I said earlier about trying to get more readers after a month of blogging. It's now officially been over a month, so I'm going to start trying to get publicity. At some point in the next couple days, I'm going to submit a sample post to the new blog showcase a Truthlaidbear.com, and hopefully that'll get me some attention. I'll probably use "Land of the Free" from yesterday unless I come up with something better. That should at least get people's attention. Also, I said this before, and I don't want to sound desperate, but if you do enjoy SIT, feel free to recommend it to someone who might be interested. I need all the publicity I can get. Speaking of publicity, I now have another incoming link on Pardonmyenglish.com, which brings the total of pages linking to me all the way up to 3. I've linked that page as well, and it's REALLY good, so I encourage you to go check it out. It's written by several different people, so you get more intellectual diversity, which is the one kind of diversity many liberals ignore. That's it for now, I think. I have to do some marching band stuff tonight, so I'll tell you right now that from 8:15 until probably 11:00, I won't be updating. Syracuse is hosting the New York State Field Band Championships, which means that we have to be the token college band that performs to wrap up the festivities. Hopefully, I won't fall again during the West Side Story drill. That would be a bit more embarrassing in front of an audience.

Land of the Free 

I was just looking through the articles on Democratic Underground trying to find something that I could rant about (I'm getting desperate for subject matter here, people), and as I read about how Bush is a lying, warmongering Nazi who wants to sell the entire world to Halliburton and build an oil pipeline in Iraq, I suddenly realized something very important. America is a great country because I was able to do exactly what I was doing.

I was reading the opinions of a few people who strongly disagree with the government, and some of them even hate the government and the president. And yet, nobody is stopping them. They're allowed to say whatever they want, and the reader can decide what's valid and what's a load of crap. As much as they say that Dubya has created an environment of fear, or sent out his brown shirted minions, or forced people to blindly follow him, or revived McCarthyism, the fact that they're still allowed to say that proves that we live in the greatest country in the history of the world.

I realize these people are idiots, and I don't agree with them, but I came to that decision by looking at what they had to say, analyzing it, and comparing it to reality. Why is this possible? Because this is America, and we are free to look at all sides of all issues and form our own conclusions. In this country, we have freedom of speech because we assume that there are enough intelligent people around to cancel out the idiots.

There's no fascist crushing of dissent, as much as some people would have us believe otherwise. There's just disagreement. There's debate. And hopefully, most people will figure out which side has the best argument, and will therefore be able to determine who is right. It's all up to us.

Now, my own activity is another example of why America is such a great country. I'm 18 years old. I'm a freshman in college. I lived with my parents until 2 months ago. And yet, during much of that time, I was able to access information from all kinds of different sources and from a vast range of media. Now that I'm on my own, despite the fact that I have little credibility in the "real world," I'm free to write anything I want, click a mouse a couple of times, and make it available for anyone in the world to see. I didn't have to go through the government or fill out a form saying that I would avoid certain topics. I can write about anything, and if people disagree, they're free to let me know.

I've gotten slightly off topic, but the point is that I'm only 18 years old, but I have the same ability to have my opinions heard as anyone else with a computer and a brain. It's truly a beautiful thing. What other country in history has ever had this much freedom? THIS IS WHY TERRORISTS HATE US! It makes me mad when people blame us for terrorist attacks and say that we don't understand them.

I understand them perfectly. They look at America and see all these freedoms that they don't have, and they want to blow stuff up. That's not our fault. That's like a rapist saying, "Well, she looked so hot! How can you blame me?" And here's another thing to think about: If the terrorists that are against us because they're jealous somehow found a way to get here and, by a miraculous change of heart, wanted to stay and experience it for themselves instead of committing suicide so they could take part in some heavenly orgy, they would be able to do that.

Why? Because we can make anybody a citizen if they're willing to prove they want to be here. We may have some problems, and we may make mistakes, but we've come a long way in 227 years, and we're not going to stop now. Call Bush a fascist all you want. Complain that your civil liberties are being violated. Gripe and complain that some harmless comment offends you. You're free to do all those things, and due process of law will decide whether your claims are valid. Why? Because you're a freakin' American, that's why.

I don't care what anybody says. To me, America is still a place where anybody can grow up to be president, and anybody can achieve any goal if they're willing to work with what they have. So, instead of complaining about how you're being oppressed and comparing the president to Hitler, get out in the world and improve it. If you believe in something, support it instead of whining about how it doesn't get enough support. If you're worried about poverty, donate money to charity.

That's what America is all about. You have the freedom to take action and change the world, and as long as it's legal, nobody can stop you. I think I should stop before I go into a string of cliches. Anyway, that's my endorsement of America. I've heard enough childish whining and false accusations. If you don't like this country, get the crap out. You're free to do that, too.

That's about it for me. I'm going to link to another article I read today about patriotism that is much more direct than this one. It's from VRWC, and it's quite possibly the most well-written thing I've ever seen on that particular blog. Check it out:

Patriotism, by James Finch

Oh, and one more thing; In this country, we have a thing called freedom of religion, and as much as the ACLU wants to deny that, it's as valid today as ever. Therefore, I'm free to say...

Thank you for your time.

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God Bless America