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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Evil Glenn Strikes Again! 

This is serious! Not only does he murder hobos, he's attacking innocent partygoers now! Look at this!

More Stuff About Me 

All right, I managed to put together a list of 105 things about me to replace the current "about me" section on the intro page. I'm going to put it here just so I have some new content on the blog. More political stuff will come later.

Now, as for the list, a lot of this is stuff you know already if you come here on a regular basis, but there is some information that I haven't really talked about, and I tried to throw in a few small anecdotes and things to keep it interesting. I don't know how well I did, but you can decide for yourself. This is by no means a complete list of facts, and I actually had to leave out a lot, but it gives you a pretty good picture of who's behind the blog. If you don't care, or if you don't want to read through 105 items, I understand, but here it is if you're interested:

105 Things About CD
1. I was born just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1985.
2. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania.
3. I’m currently attending Syracuse University (although I typed this list at my home in Plum).
4. I’m majoring in TV-Radio-Film.
5. I want to be a screenwriter/director.
6. The C in CD stands for Chris.
7. I’m not telling you what the D stands for, but there are a couple links on the blog to sites that give my full name.
8. I’m a Protestant Christian, but I don’t associate myself with any particular denomination.
9. I recently went through a year-long “semi-agnostic phase,” where I questioned pretty much everything I knew and/or believed.
10. I snapped out of that in August of 2003 and have been 100% Christian ever since.
11. I don’t currently go to church, but if I find one that hasn’t been taken over by postmodernism, I may reconsider.
12. I believe in the Big Bang, and I think the universe really is 14 billion years old.
13. I don’t believe in naturalistic evolution, but I think the fossil record is accurate.
14. Militant young-earth creationists really bother me.
15. I love fireworks, and if I have the chance to see them in any form, I will take it.
16. I’m a registered Republican.
17. I own a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, a spring-powered BB gun, and a CO2-powered pellet gun. I haven’t used any of them in several years.
18. I was on my high school’s rifle team for 2 years, but I never made varsity and eventually quit.
19. I’ve been playing drums since I was 12.
20. I was the percussion section leader of the Plum High Mustang Marching Band during my senior year of high school, but I had little to no authority because nobody in the section listened to me. I recently finished a season playing bass drum in the Syracuse University Marching Band.
21. I’ve been playing drumset for almost 2 years, and I absolutely love it.
22. I also took 7 years of piano lessons, but I quit when I was 16.
23. One of my current goals in life is to play drums for a rock band.
24. I’ve written 10 songs, and I’m usually working on 2 or 3 new ones.
25. I’ve posted 3 of them on the blog.
26. My favorite bands are: Creed, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Trust Company, Staind, Hoobastank, Theory of a Deadman, Default, 12 Stones, and Matchbox Twenty
27. My favorite song is “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down. “Downfall” by Trust Company takes a close second.
28. Bands I have seen live: Creed, 12 Stones, Jerry Cantrell, Theory of a Deadman, 3 Doors Down, Sugar Ray, and Matchbox Twenty.
29. I’ve only been to 3 rock concerts, but I managed to see all the above bands.
30. I don’t like Jerry Cantrell or Sugar Ray.
31. Rap sucks. Don’t argue with me. It sucks.
32. I don’t use profanity. Ever.
33. However, I do tend to use a lot of pseudo-swearing. When I’m talking casually, I usually use the words “crap” and “frickin’” in at least every other sentence.
34. I’m a little frickin’ better about crap like that when I write.
35. I have ADD.
36. I also have asthma.
37. I take medication for both.
38. I’m afraid of heights, spiders, and to a lesser extent, dogs.
39. I love cats, and I don’t care who knows it.
40. I’ve never broken any bones, and I’d like to keep it that way.
41. When I was 12, I had a benign cyst surgically removed from my right ear.
42. This was after months of people asking “what happened to your ear?” about 100 times an hour.
43. I’ve been to Washington, D.C. twice.
44. The second time, I lost one of those little individual boxes of Lucky Charms somewhere in Ford’s Theatre.
45. I’ve also been to Canada twice.
46. I liked Toronto, but didn’t like Montreal.
47. French Canadians are more French than Canadian.
48. States I’ve been in: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Florida, and probably a couple others.
49. I’ve only flown twice in my life.
50. The first time was from Pennsylvania to Florida (Disney World, actually), and the second time was from Florida back to Pennsylvania.
51. This was before 9/11.
52. Speaking of which, on the morning of September 11, 2001, as the bus was pulling into the parking lot of my school, I distinctly remember saying to myself, “I have a feeling something really good is going to happen today.”
53. I have since learned not to trust my predictions.
54. September 11, 2001 was my school picture day, but my picture was scheduled for that afternoon, and all afternoon pictures were rescheduled for late October.
55. My grandfather was in World War II, but he didn’t see any combat.
56. His job was to send fake radio transmissions to confuse the Japanese.
57. He always claims that he fought “mosquitoes and women.”
58. I am absolutely horrible at math.
59. I am a master of Simpsons trivia and can answer just about any question from before the last couple seasons when the show started to go downhill.
60. I own every episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and have watched them dozens of times each.
61. I’ve had a learner’s permit for almost 3 years, but I don’t have a driver’s license because I’m too lazy to practice driving.
62. My favorite movie is Gettysburg.
63. I’ve only visited Gettysburg once. I’ve also been to Antietam.
64. I love astronomy.
65. I own a telescope, but I can’t use it because I lost the eyepiece.
66. I’ve seen less than 50 meteors in my life, but I did manage to see one small “fireball” when I was 17.
67. I watched the 2002 Leonid meteor storm, but I only saw about 25 meteors because it was cloudy that morning.
68. Spelling and grammar mistakes make me incredibly angry. Especially my own.
69. I’ve been on television a few times.
70. Most of those were on the local station that only Plum Borough receives.
71. I was on an actual Pittsburgh news broadcast once.
72. It was a 2 second shot of me playing snare drum for the national anthem during the Veterans’ Day parade.
73. The cameraman got right up in my face to get the shot, so I knew I was probably going to be on TV.
74. I have it on tape somewhere.
75. My parents still haven’t seen it.
76. My parents don’t know that I have a blog.
77. Neither does my younger brother, my roommate, or anyone I know.
78. I’ve had the same haircut for the past 6 or 7 years.
79. I’ve also worn the same kind of shoes for about that long.
80. Almost everything I wear is made by Reebok.
81. I used to want to be an actor, but I changed my mind in high school.
82. In 8th grade, I was in a musical called “Hollywood Hillbillies.”
83. I played a “reformed” hillbilly named Charles Seabury. My role was almost entirely sung.
84. I hate singing, and haven’t done any since my voice changed 4 years ago.
85. Somebody once told me that I sound like Frank Sinatra (talking, not singing). I’m not sure if they were right.
86. Speaking of my voice, I have a slight Pittsburgh accent, but I don’t use Pittsburgh dialect (yins guys, nebby, n’at, etc.).
87. I am terrified of phones, and will do anything I can to avoid using them.
88. This includes making up lame excuses, procrastinating for hours, and sending e-mail to people who specifically tell me to call them.
89. Speaking of procrastination, I do it a lot.
90. I graduated from high school with a 3.9 GPA.
91. The last time I was tested, my I.Q. was 151.
92. My father is a music teacher, my mother is an English teacher, and my brother wants to be a history teacher.
93. I used to play hockey and baseball, and I was never very good at either one. Hockey is still my favorite sport, though.
94. I have a bit of what you might call a “weight problem.”
95. I’m 5’7” and I weigh 210 pounds.
96. I’m going to try and lose it next summer.
97. I’ve never had a girlfriend (as if you hadn’t figured that out by now).
98. If you give me a video camera, I will find a way to make any subject interesting.
99. I have about 15 VHS tapes, 14 VHS-C tapes, and 12 digital video cassettes that I can use as evidence of this.
100. My favorite colors are orange and dark green.
101. My favorite foods are cheeseburgers and pizza.
102. Coke is infinitely better than Pepsi. Oh, and it’s called pop, not soda.
103. I consume massive quantities of Dentye Ice chewing gum.
104. Mega Warheads (the sour ones) are the greatest accomplishment in the history of candy.
105. Before deciding to study TRF, I wanted to be a hockey player, a baseball player, a computer programmer, an actor, a novelist, and a cartoonist (not necessarily in that order).

Are you still awake? Good. This list can also be found on the intro page, and I may update it every so often.

That's it for now. Blog safely.


Okay, so I haven't posted much for the last couple days. I'm on vacation here, people (/pretending people actually care and/or notice). However, I do have a few things planned for the next couple weeks, but I haven't actually gotten around to them yet.

So, that being said, I'm going to briefly list a few of the things I hope to do with the blog in the near future:

-First and foremost, I'm planning on moving from CrapSnot to Movable Type if Pixy Misa ever gets back to me.

-I still want to write a review of Elocation, the new CD from Default. It's pretty good.

-I've been planning to write a detailed analysis of the whole "South Park Republicans" idea and why it doesn't apply to me, but I keep putting it off.

-I also want to write something about this "chickenhawks" thing that's been flying around the 'sphere lately. I have some good analogies in store to debunk that one.

-I want to do one of those "100 things about me" lists to replace the current "about me" section on the intro page, but I'm not sure if I can come up with 100 things.

-I'm going to try and write a few more songs with ideas that relate to my blogging topics, like abortion and personal responsibility. I've already written one verse of the abortion one.

-Three words: More. Alliance. Assignments.

-I still have a free audioblog post to waste.

-The complete Donktionary®, including my favorite definitions from other blogs.

There's probably more, but that's the stuff I can remember right now. I may or may not post again today. We'll see.

Oh, and happy Hanukkah to my Jewish reader(s?).

Friday, December 19, 2003

Who's the Liar Again? 


Joe Kelley from The Sake of Argument has pointed out this error in the comments of the linked post. Go check it out!

Friday Afternoon Stuff 

Coming up with titles is really hard. Anyway, I just have a few things to post right now. First of all, I went to my old high school last night to see my brother play in the holiday concert. It was pretty boring, although I did get to see a few of my old friends, which was nice since I DON'T HAVE ANY IN COLLEGE!

Sorry about that. Anyway, I noticed something interesting about the program. They played...GASP! CHRISTMAS MUSIC! They actually played Christmas songs in a concert at a public school! Not "holiday" songs, but CHRISTMAS SONGS! Was anyone offended? Did anyone complain? Was there any mention of "separation of church and state?" No, there wasn't. Why? Because very few people are actually offended by that kind of thing. I'm glad the Thought Police™ haven't gotten to Pennsylvania yet.

Now, on to less important things. I have a question for my readers: Has anyone else had their house taken over by frickin' ladybugs? They're all over the place! I actually saw one crawling across my desk as I was typing this, but I decided to just throw it out the door instead of killing it. It'll probably be back later.

Seriously, this is ridiculous. I saw an article a couple years ago that said this particular kind of ladybug exists for the sole purpose of finding a way into houses and then relaying the information back to the others. Nature can be very strange.

And now, some blog related business: I still have a free 1 minute audioblog post, and I may use that later tonight. I don't really know what I'm going to do with it, but free is free. We'll see what happens. Finally, I just took one of those Myers-Briggs personality tests, and it was actually accurate for once. I'm going to post my results simply because I can.

ISFP - "Artist". Interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. The senses are keener than in other types. 8.8% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

�Conscious self
Overall self
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||| 34%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||| 38%
Type 3 Ambition |||||||||||| 42%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||| 42%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||| 70%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||| 58%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||| 34%
Type 8 Hostility |||||||||||||||| 62%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||| 34%
Your Conscious-Surface type is 5w6
Your Unconscious-Overall type is 6w5
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

These really describe me well. I'm surprised. Usually, these stupid online personality tests give me answers that describe the exact opposite of my personality. You should try this one. It's pretty cool.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Photoshop Phunniness 

Allah has another great Photoshopped comic thingy, which you can see here.

Then again, most of you have probably seen it already because you don't sleep until 2:30 in the afternoon...

What The...?! 

The friggin' comments are down! GET ME AWAY FROM BLOGSPOT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Okay, the comments are back, but I still want to get away from CrapSpot. Hurry up, Munuvians!!!

TV News Observations 

Not much to blog about yet today (I just got up an hour ago), but I do want to mention my brief TV news experience today. I turned on the TV and went straight to Fox News, and their big story was:

"Michael Jackson Joins Nation of Islam"

I didn't really need to hear about that, so I decided to check CNN just for the heck of it. They were talking about Saddam Hussein's daughter and how she was traumatized by his capture. Apparently, she heard that he may have been caught, and when it was verified, she broke down in tears. One of their little bottom headlines said that she "lost her brothers, Uday and Qusay, in a firefight."

Does this seem strange to anyone else? "No, Saddam wasn't a tyrant. He was a loving father, and we brutally separated his daughter from the rest of the family. Oh, and his sons, they didn't do anything to deserve their deaths. That's why they were 'lost' and not 'brought to justice.'"

Frickin' Clinton News Network...

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

The Democratic Campaign Circus Continues 

Clark: Bush lacks will to find bin Laden; Democrat says he would have had the al Qaeda chief by now

If I may offer some insightful commentary...


...Thank you.


All right! I'm up to 2000 hits!

...That's about all I have to say, actually.

Freedom of Speech 

I have a really fun issue to deal with now. Thanks to this post at Tongue Tied, we have yet another example of unconstitutional free speech violation on campus. The story in question is a couple weeks old, but I covers it when I finds it.

According to an article from the Georgetown Hoya entitled Anti-Gay Protester Removed From Red Square for 'Offensive Speech', certain types of speech aren't protected. According to the article:
The Department of Public Safety removed an individual from Red Square who was distributing offensive material against homosexuality on Nov. 20...They also solicited signatures on a petition that requested an overturn of the Supreme Court's recent decision in Lawrence v. Texas.
Sounds good so far, doesn't it? A group presents a view that doesn't match the views of the university, so they're kicked out. Actually, these people weren't even associated with the school, according to the article, so why exactly did Public frickin' Safety have to get involved? Do they consider them a threat to someone? Here's more:
Red Square is a free speech zone for the campus community,” [Todd Olson, interim vice president of student affairs] said. “Even given that, the messages this group was espousing were, in our view, grossly offensive and inflammatory and thus not protected in any case.
Do you hear that? It's the sound of contradiction! "This is a free speech zone, but this particular kind of free speech makes some people uncomfortable. We can't have that. What? Yes, I know we're always saying that students should move out of their 'comfort zone' and embrace diversity, but you're not listening! It was OFFENSIVE!"

This is wrong. If you designate an area as a "free speech zone" (which, I might add, is unconstitutional in the first place because it suggests that America itself isn't one), you can't suddenly decide that some types of speech aren't protected. Want more? I'll give you more:
Olson’s e-mail emphasized that the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community enjoys “the right to study, work, and live in a campus environment of respect and protection,” he wrote. “Intolerance and invective have no place at Georgetown. As a Catholic, Jesuit university, we live our commitment to respect, tolerance, inclusion, and care for the whole person.”
"...Unless they disagree with us, in which case, they're bigots and must be removed before they endanger our valuable LGBTQ community." This gets even better, if you can believe that. Check out a few quotes from people they interviewed:
Elena Stewart (SFS ’07), who identified herself as bisexual, confronted the protesters after they asked her to sign their petition. “Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students felt particularly isolated that day...I don’t give a damn about the wackos who came here,” she said. “But I do give a damn about the people who live here.”
Here we go again. You can't suggest that homosexuality is wrong without being accused of inciting hatred, but you can be called a wacko, and that's apparently fine. Let's all sing the Double Standard Song (or, if that hasn't been written yet, my song entitled "Tolerate") as we move on to another quote from this enlightened and tolerant individual:
Recognizing that opposing viewpoints exist, she said, “Argue with us using an intellectual argument, but don’t lose sight that you are talking to people, not ideas or representations.”
Uh, excuse me, Ms. Bisexual, but isn't that EXACTLY WHAT THE SCHOOL DID?! How is it an intellectual argument when you forcibly remove people from the campus because they disagree with you? Also, if their views were "offensive," then I guess the school did decide to deal with "ideas and representations." I love how they don't extend their tolerance to people they disagree with...of course, that's the only kind of tolerance there is, in case you didn't know. Otherwise, it's acceptance. Here's even more hilarity:
“They were here to incite hatred and there is a major difference between free speech and inciting hatred,” [one student] said, speaking of the TFP.
And that would be...what? Didn't someone else just call them "wackos?" Couldn't you consider that to be "inciting hatred?" Where do you mindless PC drones draw the frickin' line, anyway? I guess this quote is partially true. It's free speech if it doesn't offend anyone, and it's "inciting hatred" if the Thought Police™ don't like the sound of it. I'm glad we could clear that up.

I was going to cover more, but I think you get the point. Read the entire article to get the full picture. One last thing about it that interests me is the fact that, near the end, they suddenly decide that the protestors were removed because they weren't associated with the university. Yet again, we see the PC Police changing their reasoning to make sure they can't be accused of double standards. I'm sure that if students had done the same thing, they would've also been removed.

"Red Square" indeed.

Wednesday Roundup 

I have real things to blog about this time. Honestly.

Anyway, there are a few news items that I want to briefly touch on. First of all, "emergency contraceptives" are now available without a prescription. I was going to rant about this, but Patriot Paradox has it covered. I left a comment expressing my feelings if you want to see what I was going to write here, but to briefly express my thoughts...


Is this some kind of response to the partial birth abortion ban? "Oh, we can't kill the babies later, so we'll kill 'em before they look human! No compassion for the unwanted babies! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Just to make things clear, I believe a fetus is human at conception, so this still counts as murdering innocent children. Of course, I think Jimmy Fallon expresses another interesting aspect of this pretty well. What are people going to think when someone buys morning after pills over the counter? He suggests it will sound something like this..

"I need a price check on the whore pills! Come on, we got a drunk girl in a prom dress here!"

Or something like that.

Secondly, the Democratic presidential candidates are basically at each other's throats now (which is good for Dubya, I guess), each trying to undermine the others' positions. Howard "Angry American" Dean and John "I was in Vietnam" Kerry seem to be the latest feud.

Apparently, Dean said that he would've approved of the war in Iraq if it had international support. Kerry came back and said that he doesn't believe we need permission to go to war. Then Dean said he was misinterpreted, and he just wanted international support and approval.

Is it just me, or is that the same thing? Why do we have to depend on other countries to tell us how to fight our wars, especially when some of those countries may have been SELLING WEAPONS TO THE ENEMY?! In any case, I don't think Dean would've approved of the war even if his buddies in France had given us the a-ok.

Guess what? I have another post in the works. This one's about free speech violations! WOW!

Dentist Rant 

I'm back yet again, and I have a few random topics to cover. First of all, on the non-political front, why do they play such crappy music at the dentist's office? It's bad enough that I have to have some bubbly woman with a high-pitched voice scraping my teeth with sharp metal instruments. At least give me something good to listen to.

"This is Light Rock 92.9 FM..."

I don't like that station. They chose some great music for my visit. First of all, the second I sat down, they started playing that "Brown Eyed Girl" song by Van Morrison. I can't stand that song. It always gets stuck in my head (it's in there now, actually), and it's generally too hippie-ish for my liking.

Of course, the best part of going to the dentist is that rotating tooth polisher thingy that they use. Everyone loves that, right? So, she turns that thing on, and it combines with the sounds from the radio...


"You've lost that lovin' feelin'..."


"You've lost that lovin' feelin'..."

I'm really glad I only have to go through that every 6 months.

Okay, once again, not only have I probably bored you to tears, but I've used up too much space. I'm going to start another post for political topics.

More Fun With Google 

Okay, I'm back again. Sorry about that unscheduled day off yesterday, but I really didn't have anything to write about. Fortunately, I do have some political/social stuff to cover today, but I have a dentist's appointment in a few minutes, so there's no time for that right now.

However, I did get a couple more strange Google search terms bringing people to my site over the last few hours. Here they are:

cartoon of a hillbilly shack

pictures of hamsters exercising

Have you people heard of Google Image Search? Stop looking through text for weird pictures, dang it!

All right, that's it for now. Frickin' dentist...

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

More Renovations 

You may have noticed that I haven't posted yet today. There are two reasons for that. Number 1: I can't think of anything to write about; Number 2: I'm in the process of going through my archives and adding line breaks to some of my earlier posts. Those big chunks of text were getting annoying. Feel free to check out the progress if you want. I'm working on October right now.

Monday, December 15, 2003

More "Religious Tolerance" Hypocrisy 

A little while ago, I read this post at Tongue Tied, and just now, I finally got around to reading the article it was referring to, which you can see here.

This is ridiculous. It's absolutely, positively, unfathomably ridiculous. Here are just a few choice selections from this story:
Church officials in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, were told by the town's public library last week that their posters could not be displayed because they pertained to a "religious preference group". It emerged yesterday, however, that a party to celebrate Eid, the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, had been held there less than a week previously.
Well, at least this didn't happen in America, for once. I'd expect this kind of thing in Europe. However, it's still ridiculous. If you can't advertise for one religious event, how can you justify celebrating another one? Oh, but wait, it gets much better.
Bridget Adams, 57, a school teacher and a member of the choir at All Saints church, High Wycombe, asked to display a poster stating the dates and times of its Christmas services. She was refused permission. 'I was told the council had a policy of allowing no religious material from any faith,' she said.
Apparently, she doesn't understand the lingo of anti-Christian PC types. You see, "religious" means "Christian," and "faith" usually means either "gullibility" or "fanaticism." Unless it applies to Muslims, of course. They're just misunderstood and oppressed. Did that seem a little exaggerated? Read on.
Margaret Dewar, the councillor who is responsible for libraries, said: "I am appalled at the attitude of these so-called Christians making such a fuss about this policy. The way they have reacted to the children's party is just shocking."
No, what's shocking is your complete lack of comprehension concerning consistency, you frickin' moron. What's with the "so-called Christians" crap, anyway? Oh, now I remember, faith is a personal, private thing and should never be spoken of, displayed, or even alluded to for fear of offending the sensibilities of those around you. Idiots. Here's the hilarious money quote:
"It is quite a different thing having a party organised by a library to promote cultural understanding and accepting notices for religious services.
Hmmm...let's see...cultural understanding...so you're saying that it's okay as long as the religious festival is part of a culture? Have you heard of a thing called the FRIGGIN' CHRISTMAS SEASON?! How can she possibly summon up enough cognitive dissonance to say that advertising an event at another building is wrong because it promotes religion, but actually holding an event in the library is okay because it promotes cultural understanding?

This is what happens when you take multiculturalism too far. You lose the ability to separate religion from culture in every society except your own. This makes no sense, and I'm going to continue to waste space ranting about it. I really don't understand how she can say any of this with a straight face (maybe she didn't, actually). They can host an event that's obviously religious, but they can't even advertise another one at a different building. Do people even realize that Islam is a religion anymore, or do they just assume that Muslims are some sort of ethnic group? Wait for it...it gets even better.
"The policy is that we do not display posters on our noticeboard. If we accepted one poster, we would have to them from everyone. We have to draw the line somewhere."
Wait...just...a...freaking...minute. First, they can't display it because it's religious, and all of a sudden they can't display it because it's a poster? I bet if it had been any other kind of poster, they would've accepted it. Or, alternately, if the Christians had come back with a regulation message, they still would've been denied.

This reminds me of another story I saw somewhere a few days ago. Apparently, a child brought a Bible to school to read during quiet time, but he was told to put it away. However, the school said that he couldn't read it because it was "too thick," or some crap like that. So, the next day, he brought a smaller religious booklet, and he was still forced to put it away. Why? Because it might offend other students.

By the way, another part of the article I just responded to mentioned that the "multicultural" Muslim party "...was advertised with leaflets distributed at the library." Isn't that strange? So they were even allowed to advertise that? Fascinating.

Here's one more question I've been meaning to ask for a really long time: HOW IS THE DISPLAY OF CHRISTIAN MATERIAL OFFENSIVE TO OTHER RELIGIONS? That whole "offense" argument never made sense to me. I'm a Christian, but I don't get offended when I see things related to other religions. Is my religion somehow more offensive than others? Am I offending people right now just by saying that I'm a Christian? OH NO! I'M SORRY! I'LL NEVER MENTION MY BELIEFS AGAIN! THAT WOULD BE SO INTOLERANT OF ATHEISTS, BUDDHISTS, MUSLIMS, JEWS, SCIENTOLOGISTS, UNITARIANS, PAGANS, WICCANS, JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, MORMONS...and so on.

Does that make sense? Out of all the religions I just listed, none of them offends me simply by existing or making its presence known. I may disagree with them, but they have a right to be acknowledged, and Christians should have that same right.

By the way, try going through that story and flip-flopping it so that all references to Muslims refer to Christians, and vice versa, and think about whose side the library would take. I'm pretty sure the library would display the Muslims' poster for fear of being called Islamophobic.

Think about it.

Showcase Voters 

Well, once again, the Miserable Failure Coalition beat us in the showcase, but we're getting closer every week. VOTE, PEOPLE! Anyway, as usual, I'm taking the code from Bad Money and giving some totally useless linkage to the people who voted.

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Precision Guided Humor Assignment: Campaign Slogans 

This week's Alliance assignment is to write campaign slogans for the Democratic presidential hopefuls. I couldn't pass this one up.

So, here are a few of my ideas. I'm sure they're just variations on what everyone else has come up with, but I guess that when people make themselves into stereotypes, all you can do is play the stereotypical angle for comedic purposes. Wow, that sounds dumb. Anyway, here are the slogans, in no particular order:

Howard Dean: Votes for Republicans make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...what? What do you mean the Hulk already used that? I'LL KILL HIM! HE KNEW ABOUT 9/11! RRROOOORGH! DEAN SMASH...IN A MODERATE...SENSIBLE WAY...THAT WILL NOT OFFEND ANYONE! RRRROORRRGH!!!

Al Sharpton: A vote for me is a vote for racism...I mean AGAINST racism! AGAINST!
...Damn crackas.

John Kerry: I will f**k up George W. Bush, just like I f**ked up the enemy in Vietf***ingnam! Sacre bleu! I mean...vote for me!

Dick Gephardt: Come on! You know you want your head of state to be a Dick!

Crap Weasel: I must become president, because only I know the secret codes that will defeat the evil psychic wombats of Krelnak 9! Thu flubadu tehy gralbulnarg (that's Krelnakian for "vote Kucinich in '04")!

Joe Lieberman: I can talk about my religious beliefs without being called an extremist! Vote Jewish in '04!

John Edwards: Move it along, folks. Nothing to see here. Except dead people. Lots of dead people. That died because GEORGE W. BUSH SENT THEM TO IRAQ! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
...oh, wait, that's John Edward that sees dead people. My bad.

Carol Moseley Braun: I'm a black woman. You HAVE to vote for me, or else the Evil White Patriarchy™ will destroy the world.

Wesley Clark: I was in the army, but I'm a Democrat, so it's okay. A think-tank in Canada assured me of that.

Hillary Clinton: No, really, I'm not running in 2004. But I encourage you to write my name in anyway, because if you don't, I'm sending Janet Reno to your house. You don't want that.

Looks like some tough competition for Dubya, but I'm sure he knows how to handle it.


The Tag Team Fisking is Complete! 

If you've been following this, you know what I'm talking about, and I don't feel like making a bunch of hyperlinks right now, so you can scroll down if you're confused.

Anyway, the fisking has now been completed, with the last 20 or so reasons to elect Howard Dean covered by another member of the team at Random Nuclear Strikes.

Check it out. It's really good, and it covers some of the more complex economic stuff that I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

I don't like economics.

More on the Hussein Capture 

Yes, I know it's 4 in the afternoon and I haven't posted yet. Get used to it, because I sleep REALLY late when I'm on breaks. However, I do tend to stay up until around 5 in the morning, so my schedule may begin to reflect that.

Now that I've gotten the disclaimer out of the way, I want to talk a little more about the capture of Saddam Hussein. First of all, Dubya briefly spoke about what's going to happen to him, and he said he wants to turn him over to the Iraqis, but that the trial must withstand "international scrutiny."

What the crap is that? Who cares about world opinion at this point? That didn't stop us from going to war in the first place. Besides, did Hussein respect "international scrutiny" when he murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people? Did he care what the U.N. thought when he was gassing the Kurds and shoving people into plastic shredders?

I'm sorry, but from what I see, no punishment that would withstand international scrutiny could possibly be sufficient to punish that psychotic freak. I say get as much information out of him as possible (after he stops saying that "his people are in bondage"), then turn him over to the Iraqis and let them handle it. I'm sure they'll know what to do.

Now, I was watching the news to see what had developed since yesterday, and one of the stories on my local channel (which was actually broadcasting the national news from NBC, I believe) was about a pro-Saddam rally in Iraq. Want to know how many people attended the rally?

30. 30 people. And they covered it. It was only a 10 second spot, but they covered it. I find that interesting considering their lack of coverage of the anti-terror rally which was attended by THOUSANDS OF FRICKIN' PEOPLE! Media bias, anyone?

One more totally unrelated topic before I stop: I wasn't going to reveal this yet, but it's too good to keep it a secret; I may be leaving BlogSpot soon for greener pastures, i.e. Movable Type. I'm in the process right now of joining the Munuvians, who would provide me with a totally free MT blog. We'll see if that works out. Just know that if you have a permalink to SIT, you may have to change it in a couple weeks.


Hopefully, that's what will appear in your browser when you're reading this page sometime next month.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

More Tag Team Fisking 

Mike the Marine took the first ten, I took the next ten, and now the tag team fisking of 51 Reasons Why Americans Should Elect Howard Dean continues at Random Nuclear Strikes. Check it out, and feel free to volunteer for a round. There are still 20 more reasons to cover!

Google News 

I know this isn't exactly an important bit of information on a day like today, but I just wanted to point out that I am the number 2 Google search result for "Kucinich sucks." Check it out.

Good Way to Start the Day 

Okay, this is interesting. Now that I'm home, I can sleep in until 2 in the afternoon like I used to. After taking advantage of this until about half an hour ago, I got up, went downstairs, and started making a ham sandwich. I know, really exciting, isn't it? But what happened next was great.

So, as I'm doing this, my dad walks into the kitchen with some rather important information.

"Did you hear the news?"

"What news?"

"We got Saddam."


That was my reaction, at least. I don't know about the rest of you. Anyway, WE FRIGGIN' GOT HIM! HA! I can't wait to see what this does for the overall effort. I wish I could write more, but I have to see what other bloggers are saying about this. Later.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that Hussein looked a lot like Karl Marx with that shaggy beard he had when they caught him?

Don't ask why I noticed that. Frickin' AP European history class...

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God Bless America